August 31, 2008


It's been a few months so I figure it's time to post about our trip to Cancun Mexico. Michael parents took us to Cancun for a week. We stayed at one of the most amazing hotels I have ever seen.
I was gorgeous. Our Hotel was right on the beach.

We went four wheeling on beach and horse back riding into the ocean. We went snorkeling and had a blast the entire time.

These are just a few pictures of us having fun in the sun.
This trip was definitely the most unreal vacation I have ever been on.

I love animals. I was siked when Michael committed to going bare back horse riding with me. I thought for sure he would chuckle in my face at the suggestion. He had fun but I had a blast.

I'd say the best part was just being with Michael for 24 hours a day for 7 days strate. I never get to see that much anymore. So it was nice to just play for an entire week.

I tried to convince Michael to let us just pick up and move to Mexico. There are a lot of jobs down there and from the looks of it the economy is doing well. I have always wanted to be a beach bum. He didn't take the bait.


Nicole said...

That trip looks like a blast! I've always wanted to ride horses on the beach, although you look like a PRO! I would probably be too scared to go bareback!

April Garvin said...

That is amazing. It looks so beautiful there. The horse you were riding is so pretty! You are lucky!

West and Darci said...

I'm sure that you had so much fun with your hubby! I'm with Nicole, riding horses on the beach would be awesome! We are finally going on a vacation without the kids in October. I can't wait. It gets a lot harder to travel with three little ones.

Mike said...

Hey! That's awesome you got to go to Mexico! (Says very enviously) I have quite often thought about moving down there just for kicks and grins. Your house and garden looks great. Tracy doesn't do so well with plants, they don't seem to live much longer after they come home from the store.

tracyp said...

Kari! I had no idea that Mike had your blog address... do you mind if I put a link on my blog from your so I can check it when you update? I love the totally cute pictures of you and your husband in Mexico... especially the last one. It's awesome that you were able to take a vacation (you deserved it!) and spend so much time together. YEA for horseback riding and 4-wheeling.

shellymarie said...

Ummm...does Michael have a grandma Betty? If he does, I'm his cousin!

Nice to meet you :)

Looks like you two had fun!

the MARTIN and BROOK Cook Family said...

HOly Cow! That trip must have been amazing! HOw are you doing? I love this world of blogging! It was good to see how you are doing! I haven't talked to you in so long! Good to see you! Keep on having lots of fun that I can be jealous about!